Monday, March 21, 2011

Post from Edge Hill University

Hello to all the CIPR Student Reps,

Thanks for inviting me to this blog. Well done Michelle, great way to keep us together. Just a quick post to let you all know what i've been doing here in Lancashire. When I came back at Christmas I gave a presentation to the first, second and third year PR students (very nerve wrecking!) about the CIPR, and why they should join. It went quite well, there was a lot of interest generated. I also spoke about behindthespin, and encouraged them to write for the magazine, and how beneficial it was to them. How's everyone else getting on with their CIPR rep of the year briefs?

Unfortunatley I haven't had much luck with my local CIPR Reps, I wonder has anyone else from the North West been in contact with them? I e-mailed one member, but have not heard back.

I definitly think we should plan a meeting in April, like Michelle suggested. I'm back home from University on the 11th of April, Let me know if anyone else has any suggestions.

Holly Windsor
Edge Hill University CIPR Student Rep

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